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Off-site File Management:

FileSavers offers clean, safe secure record management and storage. Our record center employs state of the art security with 24-hour fire and intrusion monitoring and closed circuit camera surveillance. Industry leading software is employed to insure all materials placed into storage are bar coded and tracked from your site to ours. Periodic, up to date printouts will verify for you complete inventory listings of your stored material and their locations within our record center.


All Off-site storage of critical information includes:

  • Bar code labeling for error free identification, indexing, and location tracking
  • Delivery upon request (See Courier Services)
  • Retention management scheduling and destruction services
  • Superior customer service from account managers to in-house personnel
  • Clean and secure record center with superior security and environmental controls.

Courier Services:

When your information is required and requested from our record center, we provide a full range of delivery options to get you your documents fast. Our delivery schedules and associated services are tailored to best fit your needs. Requests for material can be done via phone, fax, or on-line, and our customer service personnel will process your request and deliver the information directly to you. We provide the following delivery options to meet your needs and budget.

Emergency: Need it ASAP (within 2 hours)
Same Day Deliveries: Need it by the end of the day (within 5 hours)
Next Day Delivery: Standard delivery (within 24 hours)
Third Party Shipping: Overnight shipping via Fed Ex or UPS

Certified Destruction Services:

If you have sensitive documents at your office or in storage at our record center, which contain personal information, financial data, health information, etc. it is important that the documents be destroyed prior to disposal. With our partners, FileSavers offers professional document destruction services to insure that your sensitive information will never become public.

Information Services:

  • Inventory printouts
  • Inventory audits
  • Indexing services
  • Data entry (down to the file level)
  • Digital scanning and archiving of both paper and x-ray files


These are some of the services offered through FileSavers to help assist in database generation and management. We also will assist you in developing a retention schedule for your different types of information to meet all regulatory requirements.

On Site Services:

  • File Room Development
  • File Purging
  • Rotation/Relocation Projects
  • Scanning and Conversion Service to Digitize your Records
  • File Work Flow Consulting


As an added service or as a need in and of itself, FileSavers offers on-site services to assist you in managing your information at your facility. Our team of file technicians will go to your site and provide periodic purging services of obsolete files, rotation services from one file area to another, inter-filing services to merge file areas, set up and maintenance of new file areas (including shelving and racking), consulting and work-flow development. Whatever the file management service, we have the team and expertise to get you through the process.